Berwick Baptist Church

...a safe place to grow together in love for God, others and the world

Vision, Mission, Values


(What is our core purpose? Why are we here?)

To be a safe place where everyone can grow together in our love for God, our love for others and our love for the world.


(How do we practically live out our mission? What do we hope to achieve?)

To continue to grow in our discipleship, culture, leadership and                  mission. 

•      To live out God’s word to us to be “a Safe Place”.

To work in partnership with groups in the community who are                  promoting mental health and wellbeing, such as the “Wellbeing Arts          Group” which meets in our building.

To continue and develop our use of social media, like YouTube and            Facebook, to engage with our own and the wider community,                    finding ways to use them in mission and discipleship.

To encourage everyone to see the building as a community                      resource, as well as a place of worship.

To repurpose and alter our buildings to make them a more useful              and effective resource and tool for serving God in the community.

To spend more time listening to our local community, and                        discerning where God is already at work outside of our buildings, so          that we can join in.

To disciple people in ways that equip them to live for Jesus in the              wider world (their frontlines) of home, work, school…the places                where we spend most of our time during the week.

To identify and equip new potential leaders. We want to encourage            “every member ministry” not just in our gathered worship, but in               the wider world.

To continue to develop expressions of church wherever we find                them: in our regular community services in local sheltered housing          accommodation, in our work with men, with the local businesses in          town etc.

To see our church grow, particularly as people follow Jesus for the            first time, and to welcome Christians who move to the area into our          fellowship.


(What are the core beliefs that influence everything we do?)


Regularly reading and studying the scriptures

Trying to put what we read into practice in our everyday lives

Learning to listen and hear from God through the scriptures

Worship together

Growing in love and thankfulness to God

Praising and worshipping God for who he is and what he’s done

Regularly remembering Jesus through Communion

Meeting regularly for gathered worship

Using the spiritual and natural gifts God has given us to build one            another up

Making Disciples

Helping people find faith in Jesus and be baptised

Encouraging them to grow more like him

Enabling them to be active in God’s family, the church

Not seeing church as a building but as gathered Christians,  
        wherever they may be.

Praying continually

Teaching and encouraging a daily prayer habit

Coming together for corporate times of prayer, regularly and for                special requests

Sharing answers to prayer regularly, to encourage one another

Fostering an atmosphere of thanksgiving and gratitude to God

Being Caring

Growing caring relationships within the church family

Being an inclusive church

Welcoming anyone who is seeking or following Jesus

Creating a safe place for people, regardless of race, wealth, gender,          age and disability

Allowing freedom of interpretation on secondary doctrines

Serving Others

Discovering our gifts and calling

Encouraging the use of those gifts in the church and the wider                  community

Listening to our communities and finding ways to share God’s love            with them

Being Missional

Learning to share our faith in the place God has placed us

Looking out for what God is doing in our communities and joining in 

Sending and supporting those who are called to serve God at home          and overseas

Our Christian Ethos Statement can be found HERE