Berwick Baptist Church

...on a journey of renewal

Vision, Mission, Values

Core Values

  1. To be a faith community, centred on regular teaching from God's word
  2. To be a worshipping community, filled with the presence of Jesus by his Holy Spirit
  3. To be a caring community, sharing God's love with each other in practical ways
  4. To be a serving community, working together in the purposes of God
  5. To be a praying community, upholding people before God, on a daily basis
  6. To be a sending community, committed to proclaim the gospel in the whole world
Our Vision

Just like many of the historic buildings in Berwick upon Tweed, our church has existed as a worshipping Christian community for well over 200 years. After such a long period of time we have found that, just like the historic buildings,we have come to a place where the culture and use of our structures have remained unchanged with the passing of time. This has left some of them impractical and in a state of disrepair. They are in need of restoration and redevelopment, in order to meet the needs, culture and lifestyle of twenty-first century people.

For redevelopment projects to be undertaken, careful planning, blueprints and sketches need to be drawn up, in order to show what the building will look like when redeveloped and in order to ensure the integrity of the historic architecture is preserved.

The same is true in every sense for "God's house", which is a "living temple" made up of "living stones" (the people), worshipping and working together in what have been cultural structures that sometimes become irrelevant for modern society, and fail to relate and accommodate twentyfirst century culture and styles of people.

Our dream and vision here at Berwick Baptist Church is to work at redeveloping our worship, communication of the gospel and ministry models, in order that we can connect with the culture of today without displacing the beauty and wealth of our heritage. We want to build a family where everyone can grow and develop in order to fulfil our God-given destiny, as we work together in sharing the message of Jesus with our community while creating a home in which we can all come to be part of God's family.

Our Mission

As a church community we remain committed to fulfilling the Great Commission to go and take the Good News to our families, friends and neighbours, and to the communities in which we live. We want to help people to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, becoming disciples as we learn and walk together in the teachings of Jesus, as we help each other to work them out within our lives and the church community.