Berwick Baptist Church

...a safe place to grow together in love for God, others and the world


You will find us quite easily as we are in a town centre location. Unfortunately we do not have any official on-site parking but if you are disabled please let us know you are intending to come along and we will be able to ensure some space for your parking is available. 

Otherwise the town centre offers plenty of parking within five minute walk of the church. Long-term parking is now free in the town centre. Short-term parking is also available by disc (£1.00, available from machines or certain town centre shops). Do check the permitted length of stay at your parking place.

Charges and restrictions apply 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday.

More parking information

From the North

Take the second exit off the A1 roundabout and drive past Morrisons and McDonalds on North Road. When you see the B & M supermarket on the left hand side(just after a zebra crossing) we would suggest that you park in the car park on the left (disc parking, but free, unlimited time on Sundays). Then walk under the medieval wall and go straight down Marygate to the second mini-roundabout. Take a right turn and you will find the church on the corner on your right hand side and right next to the crossing lights.

 From the South

Come into Berwick Upon Tweed across the Border bridge and we are right there on your left hand side, just before the pedestrian crossing and the traffic lights.

Parking can be found if you turn left at the roundabout, go under the medieval wall and turn right into the B & M car park.