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Jesus Shaped People


As a church, we have recently embarked on a whole church discipleship adventure called "Jesus Shaped People".

Over the course of the 15-week programme, we are immersing ourselves in the life and work of Jesus. The fortnightly sermons and small groups are helping us to engage with the question: How can we become more Jesus Shaped?

We are seeking to get to the heart of what Jesus was about in his three-year ministry, so that we can take practical steps to follow him and to become more Jesus Shaped in our lives, both as individuals, and as a church family.

Each of our three Small Groups are an opportunity to get to know one another better, and to study and discuss the Bible passages more deeply, enabling us to explore how we can put some of the ideas into practice.

                           Jesus Shaped People

Jesus Shaped People identifies five Priorities or Themes from the life of Jesus.  The themes are:

  • People: Jesus met people where they were. He was interested in everyone, especially the poor and marginalised. He brought them healing and inclusion.
  • Teaching: Jesus teaches people in a down-to-earth practical way. Using illustrations from real life, his teaching is challenging, but not condemning.
  • Team building: Right from the start Jesus was looking for a group of people with whom he could share his life and mission. He gave quality time to that group, building relationships and equipping them for what was to come.
  • Prayer: Despite being extremely busy, Jesus made it a priority to set time aside for prayer and reflection. He spent time teaching and showing others how to pray.
  • Prophetic challenge: Jesus often found himself in conflict with the authorities, particularly the religious ones. Like many Old Testament prophets, he courageously exposed hypocrisy, injustice and oppression, and showed how God’s kingdom contrasts with worldly power and wealth.

We would love you to join us on this adventure, so please do come along on a Sunday morning, and join one of our three small groups. You will be made very welcome.