Berwick Baptist Church

...on a journey of renewal

Hub 1 - Discipleship

John Hodgkins writes:

Re:imagine, the next Stage of our Journey

At the first of our Hub weekends, in Durham, we re-capped the work we’d done on “Culture” and looked at the whole area of “Discipleship”

The project we have been asked to do at the last Re:imagine gathering is to develop a plan of how to disciple a group within our congregation.

We decided that this group would be those people on the Re:imagine course and their spouses along with Kim and Jane, who are our Home Group leaders.  This group would be the initial group that would go through a discipleship program, so we can assess how effective this model will be for us as a church.

We felt God was leading us to establish two things within the church.

1.  Firstly, develop a way where everyone in our church can be discipled and have some sort of accountability to another person, if they choose to opt into this program, to meet with someone on a semi-regular basis where questions such as, “How is your prayer life and Bible reading going?” and, “How are things at home with your children and spouse?”  Thus, enabling a place where we can share our hopes and struggles in a confidential setting and feel supported.

It was felt that it would be worth looking at the model that Hexham Community Church has implemented in their church as a good pattern to follow.

2.  Secondly, learning to hear God together, by “Dwelling in the Word” (this is a very old way of allowing scripture to speak, sometimes called Lectio Divina, and is an important part of the course), creating the atmosphere within the church at meetings to be able to just read scriptures together and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us through His word.

This would possibly begin to take place within the deacon’s meetings, the prayer meetings and Home group, also on some Sunday mornings and at our church meetings.

Also, John has said that he is going adopt a more expository preaching model on most Sundays, going through systematically the books of the Bible and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak from the word, rather than following themes, therein opening the whole church to be listening and hearing God together by His Spirit from His Word.

Lastly, we are going to take some time to rethink our signs on the building, so that we are more noticeable from the street.  We will also be looking to draw up a short, medium and long- term plan in regards the work that we would like to do to our buildings to make them more of a centre for the community.