Berwick Baptist Church

...on a journey of renewal


The church has signed up to be part of the re:imagine missional learning community.

Paul Revill writes:

  •      How can we move from good intentions into action?
  •      How can we change the culture in our church?
  •      How can we become more effective in mission?
  •      How do we become more deliberate in making disciples?

re:imagine logoThese are the kinds of questions which “Reimagine” will help our churches to tackle. It is a new venture, which we are launching from January 2018, in partnership with the West of England Baptist Association. It is a two-year process, of partnership between participating churches and the staff of the NBA, to help those churches to transition to becoming more ‘missional’ – able to engage in mission with the 90% of the population who are not Christians and will not be walking through the doors of our buildings any time soon.

Reimagine is primarily for leadership teams of churches (ministers, elders, deacons – whatever you have in your church!) where the NBA provides a framework to help participating churches to determine how they might ‘reimagine’ their church and to support them in taking practical steps towards living out their new future.

There are four training ‘hubs’, on the themes of culture, discipleship, mission and leadership, spread out at 6 -month intervals. During each hub the church’s leadership will prayerfully consider what process of change they would like to take their congregation through; and in the intervening time the NBA staff team will support them and journey with them to enable the intentions and ideas to begin to become a reality.

Here’s what one of the ministers from the West of England, currently engaging with Reimagine, says about its impact: "Reimagine has been really powerful for us, the weekend away was great, it’s changed everything... I'm feeling not as exposed and alone, we're more of a team and sharing together."

Paul Revill

NBA Regional Minister (Mission Enabler)

During the weekend 27-28 January 2018, a small group from the church attended the Residential Launch Weekend, at Shepherds Dene near Corbridge, along with members of Blackhill, Bishop Aukland, Middlesborough and Morpeth Baptist Churches and will be feeding what was learned into the life of the church over the coming months.

 Paul Revill teaching

Paul Revill teaching on what it means to be a "missional" church

John Hodgkins takes it in

John Hodgkins takes it all in...