Berwick Baptist Church

...on a journey of renewal


JANUARY                                                                               2020

New Beginnings

Well, finally the old Manse sold, the new Manse has been purchased and Kirsty, Wilf and I moved in two days before Christmas.  A big thank you to our deacons, especially Linda and Helen for all the paperwork, emails and the working out of the finances that all have gone into buying this lovely home, and thank you for all your prayers.

God is so amazing, His timing is perfect, and He has everything covered, even a place for us to live in between houses, storing furniture and even getting someone to move us at such short notice.

In saying all this, it didn’t take away our humanity, in feeling stressed and feeling as if we were living on the edge, but that is all about learning to live a life of faith and trust in our awesome God and His caring Father heart towards each of us.

Looking at where our new Manse is, it is situated just within the medieval earthen walls of our town, and I can see the Peel Tower (Watch Tower) from my bedroom window.  From the front window I can just see the Elizabethan Walls.  Moving here we had to cross the river into the town.  All this could just be pure coincidence, or there could be prophetic symbolism in it all, of crossing the Jordon, taking our Jericho of being called as a church to be watchmen and gatekeepers of our town through prayer.

What ever we make of it, we know God’s hand has certainly done it and it is a new beginning for me but also for us as a church.  A new chapter in the life of our church has begun and it has been marked in the closing months of 2019 by more people coming to faith than I’ve seen for a long time.  Could it be we, along with the other churches, are going to see greater harvests this year, and that what we have seen is the early fruit, as I say, the first blackberries on the bush.  I want to encourage you to raise your expectations for growth this year and be like the watchman on the walls of Jerusalem, don’t be silent but keeping calling on the Lord for the souls to come to Christ in 2020 within our town

John Hodgkins