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DECEMBER                                                                                2018  

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Will you be Prepared for Christmas?

The very first Christmas in Bethlehem, not everyone was prepared for the arrival of the Christ child, baby Jesus.  Herod certainly wasn’t. In fact when the Magi came calling at his palace thinking the King of the Jews would have been born in its palatial surroundings, he was probably shocked, and he certainly was fearful at the prospects of losing his crown.

He knew that the Christ was going to come, but not on his watch or during his reign.  The reason we know that he knew about the coming of the Christ is that he asked the priests where the Christ was to be born.  “Bethlehem!” they replied. All of Israel knew that day was coming, especially Simeon and Anna who spent their time in the Temple praying for that day.

How are your preparations for Christmas going, will you be ready, or will you get to Christmas day and feel you didn’t quite have everything ready as you ran out of time?  And will you have given time to let the Lord Jesu have centre stage, and be enthroned in your heart and all your activities, or will He be a bit of a nuisance, and get in the way of all the merry making you are going to be involved in?  For many people within our nation Jesus has become a nuisance at Christmas.  Attempts are being made to kill off Jesus all together from Christmas, by making it Winter-Fest. Can you imagine people wanting to celebrate your birthday, but they don’t want you there?

What about your preparations for His second advent, when the Lord Jesus will return once more to this planet, will you be ready?  The Scriptures teach us that we are to make ourselves ready as a Bride prepares for her wedding.  They remind us that not all will be ready for this day, in fact some will be asleep, and their lamps will have gone out and will be left behind.  (Now the jury is still out for me, whether that parable is talking about born-again believers who will be left behind, or those people who are merely religious and go to church but don’t know the Lord and Saviour) The important thing for us is that we are working for the Lord, watching and waiting for His appearance.

In all our preparations for this advent and His second advent, it is good to take time aside to spend with the Lord, to give Him His rightful place within our lives and our activities.  For as we keep Him the centre of all we do we know that we’ll be ready for both His birthday and, for that day when He will appear again. 

 Have a wonderful Christmas in Jesus and a happy and prosperous New Year.