Berwick Baptist Church

...on a journey of renewal


NOVEMBER                                                                               2019

 Becoming a Community that Promotes Unity

Psalm 133, John17:20-26

We live in very exciting days of seeing both Old Testament and New Testament prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes, along with the prayer of Jesus, that his people would be all one.  Within our own church we have seen God working amongst us over the past few years, creating a family feeling within our fellowship and a real sense that we are moving together into something quite new.  A new chapter for us as a church, but also it looks and sounds like a new chapter for all the churches within Berwick.

Churches Together has been discussing the possibility of a joint mission in 2020, where we would invite the Archbishop of York’s evangelist, the Rev Roger Simpson and a team to work with all the churches, helping us share our faith with people within our community.  On the 14th of this month we shall decide whether this will go ahead.

This is one of many things Churches Together have been working on, we already have Messy church led and hosted by the Salvation Army.  We held Hymns on the Parade earlier in the year, which everyone involved felt was the first time people within the community owned it as their own.  It opened up a number of conversations with people sharing their faith, and of deeper friendships being made within the community and the churches.

Coming up in December will be the Christmas Presence shop on the high street, led and hosted by the Methodist church, Community Carols in the Town Hall on Dec. 22nd and the Big Sing in St Andrews, Wallace Green, where all the schools are represented by their choirs and the funds raised go to Christian Aid and each Minister takes part in the service.

And finally, I just want to mention the Churches Together weekly prayer meeting which meets every Friday at 7.30am, this month it is in the Salvation Army then in December it will be held in the Christmas Presence shop and in the New Year it goes back across the river to St Johns, Spittal.

God is so at work within all our churches bringing us closer together and unifying us around sharing our Faith.  Therefore, as we read Psalm 133, we can expect and anticipate BLESSING, what is the greatest blessing God could give us?  The blessing of Abraham in full manifestation Galatians 3:13-14, this is the wonderful fullness of the Holy Spirit, who is the anointing, that the oil flowing down Aaron's beard represents.  What a wonderful prospect, to have more of the Spirit of Jesus filling and flowing through us.  How much of Jesus in your life do you want to have for going into 2020?  The more of Him that we have in our lives the more of His life will flow and leak out of us to others, and it is only through unity the whole Body of Christ will experience the fullness of Christ.

John Hodgkins