Berwick Baptist Church

...on a journey of renewal

FEBRUARY                                                                                2019  

               Grape Vine                 

Did you know that God is more concerned and more glorified by you and I bearing fruit, and not so much in what we do for him?  You might think that there is no difference, for when we are working for the Lord that is our fruitful labour.  There are many Christians today who are very busy with activities and programmes for the Lord and his glory, but they fail to truly bear fruit that will last, for their activities are all done for the most in their own strength and ability.

When we look at John 15 we see Jesus teaching us that the fruit we bear, and the fruit that brings glory to God, doesn’t grow from activities and programmes.  Instead, it comes from simply abiding in him and allowing his Word to indwell us. 

If we can grasp this principle and reality, it can be so freeing.  We don’t need to sign up to the latest fad on the Christian market that promises us growth and success, we simply need to continue to develop a deeper relationship and connection with Jesus; through prayer, worship, fellowship and the meditation of the Scriptures.

How connected are you to Jesus, the Vine?  As we ask ourselves this question and give priority to spending time with the Lord, we truly will abide and live in him and his life will fill and permeate every part of our lives.  Think about it this way, how important is it for house plants to be watered every day?  It is vital as the leaves and flowers depend on the roots to feed and nourish them, or they will die.  The same is true of the branches of the vine, they need to remain connected to the Vine in order to be fed and to produce fruit.

As God’s children, it is extremely important that we are connecting with Jesus every day of the week and not just on a Sunday.  Sundays are the times we celebrate and feed together in a family, gathering to eat spiritual food and drink in spiritual drink.  When you are at home by yourself do you eat and drink, or do you wait once a week to eat with your family who visit?  A growing Christian is one who reads their Bible regularly and prays regularly.  There is no shortcut to a strong and fruitful Christian life, there are no superheroes in the Body of Christ, just champions of faith who have learnt to walk the Christian life consistently.