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SEPTEMBER                                                                               2019

 Follow Me!  John 21:18-22

I was recently talking to a person involved in amateur musicals and theatre and as we talked they brought up the subject of Following Jesus. They mentioned that in the film Sister Act, with Whoopi Goldberg, the song that is sung, “I will follow you,” is not in the original musical, which the film is based on.  This song should possibly be the anthem of Christ’s Church, “I Will Follow You.”

This phrase was some of the final words that Jesus said to Peter, recorded in John’s gospel, chapter 21:18-22.   Jesus is quite pointed in giving this instruction to Peter, “…follow me!” 

As God’s people, our goal and priority should be to follow Jesus through all the days of our life.

God does not always lead us the easy route through life, but he does take all things into consideration for our ultimate wellbeing and success.  When God led His people out of Egypt, He did not take them the quickest route because He knew that they would not make it through that way, because of what lay ahead of them if they went that route.

We see Jesus, in the gospels, being led after His baptism by the Holy Spirit into the desert, to be tempted.  God sometimes leads us into dry and difficult times to see exactly where our faith and heart is really at with Him.  He already knows where we are with Him, but often we need to have the blinkers taken off our spiritual eyes and realise exactly where we are in our relationship with God and how much we need Him and how far we sometimes have strayed.  We need to come to a realisation that without having a close relationship with Christ we can do nothing of eternal worth in ourselves.

God has a wonderful plan for all our lives, and He knows how to train, equip and get us there if we will follow him.  We must follow the inner leading of the Spirit of God and don’t do things  or go places when inside we have a check about the situation.  God leads us by peace in our inner man.  Rom 8:14

John Hodgkins