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Father and children

July                                                                                           2020

God the Father is Watching Over You    Psalm 121

Sometimes when life gets filled with just life’s stuff, and you are feeling weighed down and out of sorts, have you ever noticed it’s just then that the enemy tries to hit a blow to knock you out and ware you down.  And then, there are the times when you are getting on with life and just dark clouds turn your day into night, and for some unknown reason God just feels absent in those moments.  Everyone of us goes through these life valleys, it is part and parcel of the ordinary Christian life.

However, when we are going through these situations and circumstances, the most important thing to is to remember that feelings and circumstances change like the weather and are unreliable.  What is reliable is the Bible, and the Author of the Bible, God.  God never changes, and whatever he says in his word he means, it is eternal unchanging truth. 

Jesus describes it this way, he who builds his life on the words of God is like the man who built his house on the rock, when the storms came the house did not move.  Jesus also tells us that the one who doesn’t build his life on the word of God is like the man who built his life on the sand, when the storms came, his house is washed away.

In Psalm 121 we are told five times that God is watching over us.  He is watching over us in order that our spiritual foot does not slip, he is watching over to guard us from all harm, he is always watching over our lives and our comings and goings.  Think about that, God is always keeping his eye on you and me, he has the hairs on our heads counted, and has everything covered regardless how things look or feel.  God always has a way through the darkest places of life and will bring us safely out the other side.  God has got us covered for all eventualities and asks us to simply walk by faith and trust in him as an amazing loving Father in every situation of life.

What situation are you worrying about today, God has got it covered, place it into his hands and rest, and let God deal with the things you cannot sort out yourself.

John Hodgkins