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MARCH                                                                               2019  

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The Talk of Revival

Revival is something most Christians have read about in the history of the church down through the centuries.  It’s something people sing about, Robin Mark’s song “Revival,” and it is a subject that is much on the heart and lips of God’s people and often in our prayers.  How close is it, in its coming to our land?

There seems to be a real sense that it’s not too far off, that on the horizon in the spirit we can see it and sense it.  Very much like Joshua and Caleb knew the time was near to cross over the Jordon into the land of Promise.   “Moses is dead…now therefore arise, cross this Jordon, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving to them…” Josh 1:2

But before they could cross over into something quite new, through a way they had never gone before, they had to do something.  In Joshua 3:5 Joshua tells the people to Consecrate themselves and then the next day God would do wonders among them.

When reading great revivalist stories there seems to have been a period of preparation before outpouring, the preparing of people’s hearts and lives, a crying out to God in repentance and for mercy, a fresh dedication and consecration.  In the life of William Booth holiness was a great theme within his life and ministry, as in Wesley’s.  Hence the title in our history books, “The Holiness Movement.”  It is an interesting fact that out of this Holiness Movement came the great Pentecostal Movement of 1906 in Azusa Street, Los Angeles.

As we ponder and think about the future, praying and looking for renewal and revival, a move that will bring into the kingdom vast numbers of souls. It might be a good thing for us all to ask God to help us prepare our hearts and lives for the coming of His Holy Spirit, in greater measures and in deeper ways. For He is called the Holy Spirit, and over our lives there should be a sign “Holiness unto the Lord.”  For without holiness no one will see the Lord.