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Dusty Bible

May                                                                                             2020

Feeding on God’s Word

We are living in very strange times, which none of us, or our world has gone through before.  Its not that there has not been plagues or pestilence, but never on a global scale.

It has caused so much disruption to life and to people’s routines, and the one thing that all of us need is good routines to live life through.  As the advert for the Mars said, “… a Mars a day will help you work, rest and play…” and it is the routine of work, rest and play that keeps us balanced and healthy. 

One of the most important routines every Christian should have, is that time to draw aside and spend time with God, reading and meditating in our bibles.  It is an essential to our spiritual wellbeing, just as eating natural food and having a good daily balanced diet is to our body’s.

When you and I fail to eat, our body’s grow weak and vulnerable to disease.  We find it more difficult to fight off any attack on our bodies.  It is the same in the spiritual realm, when we are spiritually weak from not feeding daily on God’s word, we become vulnerable to temptation and sin.

Jesus in Matt 4:4 says “…Man shall not live on bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God...”  Many times, we are exhorted to hide God’s word in our hearts and allow it to dwell within us richly Col 3:16, why is this?  In 1 Thess 2:13 we are told that God’s word effectually works within us.  Part of the work of God’s word is to strengthen us and fortify us against sin, Psalm 119:11.

God’s word, as we allow it to dwell in our hearts and minds produces many things within us, which will help us live out our lives through the many situations and circumstances that we find ourselves in.  It will thoroughly equip us for our life’s work for Jesus.

There will never be a time, when you and I will ever grow overweight by feeding on too much of God’s word.  Our spirit can assimilate as much of God’s word as we can take in.

I encourage you in these days where your routines may change, and you might be at a lost how to organise your life in Lockdown.  Ensure that you put a regular time and place into your day, to feed your heart and mind on God’s word.  Spend time listening for God’s voice.

John Hodgkins